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In a far away village a disease is punishing your village and many people have died because of it. Now, as their only hope, your family and friends  needs you to find the antidote for this illnes. So go to the source of the sickness, the vulcano near the village and find it!

You have 20 days to find the cure before the vulcano eruption. In order to survive those days you have to take care of all the needs of your character, feeding him, making sure he's healthy... 
But, thats not all, you have to learn how to chop, fish, craft... In other words, you have to learn how to survive and how to make your way through the harsh enviroment of the valley.

Install instructions

Just extract the rar, enjoy it and comment your thoughts on the game!


Inventio Aut Mortem 9 MB

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